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Building Congress 2.0

Crowd Fund Congress Devo Power The New Pipeline

What’s wrong with Congress?
Some say, “Everything’s wrong with Congress!” That may be the case, but if you want to fix it, where do you start?

Follow the Money!
The ballots are barely counted before a Congressman is raising money for the next election and Power Brokers who control how Special Interest and Lobbyist money is distributed are right there with money.  But the price is often putting Power Broker interests ahead of State and District interests.

Too soon the Congressman we elected is answering to Power Brokers before his own district.  Congressmen have to be responsive to their districts. Not more responsive, but completely responsive, before anything else.  

The Statesmen Project’s first objective is to cut the financial dependence of Congressmen to Power Brokers.

Crowd Fund Congress.
What does it take to Crowd Fund Congress. How about just 1500 donations of $199. $300,000. Imagine your Congressman saying he doesn't take donation over $200 and all his campaign donation come from inside his State.

We think that would make a big impact. But imagine if your Congressman "sold out" and took Special Interest money. Not only would he lose "Statesmen" donations, but those donations might be used against him.

Big incentives for a Congressman to stay home when it comes to money.

Join Statesmen and Make a Donation Today.