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Building Congress 2.0

Crowd Fund Congress The Info Pipe Devo Power

What’s wrong with Congress?
Some say, “Everything’s wrong with Congress!” That may be the case, but if you want to fix it, where do you start?

Follow the Money!
The ballots are barely counted before a Congressman is raising money for the next election and Power Brokers who control how Special Interest and Lobbyist money is distributed are right there with money.  But the price is often putting Power Broker interests ahead of State and District interests.

Too soon the Congressman we just elected is answering to Power Brokers before his own district.  
Congressmen have to be responsive to their districts.
Not more responsive.
Completely responsive.
Before anything else.  

Cut the financial dependence of Congressmen to Power Brokers.
We'll never get honest, transparent government until we cut the money connection of Power Brokers and Lobbyists. Here's some things that haven't worked.

  • Voting in a new Congressman to see if he will be different doesn't seem to work.
  • Asking for clean legislation. One subject, one bill. Congress purposely makes legislation confusing to obscure what they are really doing.
  • Setting up Watchdog groups to keep tabs on Congress has only marginal success.
  • Protesting. If all else fails we can protest.

Let's Crowd Fund Congress.
Imagine your Congressman saying he doesn't take donations over $200 and all his campaign donations come from inside his State.

We think that would make a big impact in an election.

But imagine if your Congressman "sold out" and took Special Interest money. Not only would he lose "Statesmen" donations, but those donations might be used against him to fund a challenger.

So how much would it take to Crowd Fund a Congressman?
How about just 1500 donations of $199. That's almost $300,000.No Congressman would give up $300,000 or risk having $300,000 used against him.

Big incentives for a Congressman to stay in his District when it comes to money.

Join Statesmen and Make a $199 Donation Today.

The Statesmen Plan
Your donation today funds a team to develop and promote the
Statesmen Project Plan.

  • Crowd Fund Congress Find Congressmen we can trust or find new candidates and fund them by asking Statesmen subscribers to donate up to $199 to each campaign they choose to support.

    We are often asked, "Who decides who gets support?" The answer is, "YOU DECIDE." If the Statesmen Project doesn't find candidates you will support, you don't support them. Of course no Congressman or candidate gets all the money at once. Donations are solicited in steps to show good faith and provide District Tools. For more discussion of Crowd Funding Congress click here..

  • Crowd Source Solutions If Lobbyists and Power Brokers aren't writing legislation who will? Why not originate solutions in your own State? Their's millions of experts and you're probably one of them. But how do you get your ideas in front of your Congressman?

    We call it an INFO PIPE. It's a new tool that allows voters to create topics within a district and state to share ideas and discuss solutions. This tool can poll District ideas, solutions and opinions and share the results with other states. While we're at it let's report Congressional actions.

    Why a NEW TOOL? The Info Pipe tools are designed from the District voter up, not the Congressional office down. Current tools are often optimized to mask Congressional actions and only provide token poll and response functions.

    One more thing. Who decides what issues and what topics to put forward. YOU DECIDE. The District takes precedence, then State, then all States.
    Crowd Source Solutions.
    For more discussion of the Info Pipe click here.

  • Promote Devo Power. All government has an imperitive to grow it's power. The framers did their best to balance three branches of power to keep one from becoming more powerful than the others. Todays Executive branch of the Federal government has become dangerously powerful.

    It's time to Devolve this centralized power back to Congress and the states. It can be done. For more discussion of Devo Power click here.

Join Statesmen and Make a $199 Donation Today.

Crowd Fund Congress The Info Pipe Devo Power